What people are saying about it…

AS20“Jazz Night at Christ Church was an excellent event.  The music was great fun and of the highest quality, and the gospel was clear and spoken in a way that was authentic to the event.  It was an easy event to invite friends to including those who would never otherwise come to church.”

Nick Alego- Curate, Christ Church Leyton

Link to The Comet News Paper


“It is the best evangelistic gospel event I have seen in years!”

Hilary Mackay- Minister’s wife, St Paul’s Hadley Wood


“As someone who teaches apologetics and is also a bit of a jazz snob, I’m a hard man to please! However, this was a great night of quality music together with an authentic and integrated gospel proclamation on the theme of slavery- Nice…”

Dan Strange- Vice Principal of Oak Hill College


“I wish I had invited more friends”

Audience member at Christ Church Baldock event


“It was wonderful to see so many people enjoying such talented musicians and hearing Jon’s vibrant and knowledgeable explanation of how jazz music and the gospel are intertwined through history.”

Chris Jenkins- Pastor of Christ Church Baldock


“The quality of the Jazz far-exceeded our expectations. The message was warm, clear and faithful. The whole evening was a lot of fun and we wouldn’t hesitate to have them back.” 

Kevin Newman- Pastor of Christ Church Banstead


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